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Congrats OMHA Atoms and Carter Pruett. Great Job!

Amy Hollingsworth, one of the referees at the Peterborough Liftlock Tournament, recognized Carter Pruett, Atom OMHA goalie for his outstanding sportsmanship in congratulating a player from the opposing team for an excellent goal scored in a very challenging and fast paced game.  The Atom OMHA team then rallied together to tie the game in the last few seconds!

Awesome achievement – players, coaches and parents!



by posted 01/14/2015
Up and Coming.....


SLMHA in conjunction with Dr. Ian Horseman of Bobcaygeon have established a Baseline Concussion Program for all players involved in contact hockey. The test is free (complimentary as per Dr. Horseman, too whom we thank) as a part of a community building initiative from his local Chiropractive/Neurology Practice (
The respective teams will be contacted as per their test schedule.

Given the speed of current game this initiative is paramount in
determining if a concussion has occurred and to what degree, regardless if it happened on or off ice. The Association is making  this very passive test (simple questions and screening via an IPAD application) mandatory for all teams involved in contact. Please stay tuned for more information.


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