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PLEASE READ: Team Ice Times and Facilities
Parents, Guardians and Team Staff Due to a high number of late...
Skills Development Instructors Annouced
SLMHA is proud to announce the Instructors for our inaugural Skills...
PLEASE READ: Team Ice Times and Facilities

Parents, Guardians and Team Staff

Due to a high number of late registrations, our new skills development program and the high demand from outside organizations for the new Fenelon Falls Arena;  we cannot guarantee exact equal distribution of ice between Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls for every team.  We will do our best to make things as fair as possible however we would appreciate your patience and understanding in the matter.

Your Executive

by posted 09/26/2014
Skills Development Instructors Annouced

SLMHA is proud to announce the Instructors for our inaugural Skills Development Sessions. Again, in order to increase the skill level and competitiveness of the overall membership these sessions in association with several Pro Hockey Instructors are being offered to our membership at a significant cost savings (over 75% off the current per session cost). For more information on the Instructors chosen for the 2014/15 season and/or to read their Bio's please click here.


Again, if your son or daughter is trying out for and OMHA Team you will pay $30.00 for the Tryout and an additional $70.00 for the Skills Program (October through January - these are additional ice times). If your child does not make the OMHA team they are trying out for they will be automatically enrolled into the Three Counties Skills Program (Same Instructors). For those not trying out for an OMHA team you have the ability to take adavantage of this programming for $50.00. (sign up for these sessions to be announced at a later date).


Thanks for being a part of Thunder Hockey, participating in our THUNDER DAY (Sat. Aug 23rd - Fenelon Arena) and Good Luck this weekend to those coming out for Tryouts!


Your 2014/15 Skills Development Instructor's (Three Counties and OMHA)

Goaltending Specific Training (Skating, Positional Work, Power Slides, Shots, Glove, Blocker and Paddle Work and Rebound Control, and more!)


General and Advanced Skills (Shooting, Passing, Theory, High Tempo Drills, Puck Control and Stick Handling, Special Teams Play), Positional Training, Skating, Edgework and more!



Power Skating (Striding, Edge Work - Inside Edge, Power Turns, Mohawks, Cross Overs, Backward Skating and Turning,  First Five Steps and more!)




by posted 08/21/2014
Up and Coming.....


Please note that the Three County (TC) Teams have almost been established and as such we will be providing the related coaches with the TC Skills Development Packages to be handed out to each player.

Players that came out for an
OMHA tryout and did not make an OMHA team will automatically be put into the TC Skills Program and refunded $20.00. TC Players that DID NOT tryout and wish to participate in the TC Skills Program can for a costs of $50.00 for 9 hours of training.


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